Fixing the World's Problems One Ecosystem at a Time with John Liu

John D. Liu
Thursday, 4th June 2015

What is Wealth? Where does it come from? Can we ensure abundance and sustainability?

John D. Liu, who made the pioneering documentaries Green Gold and Hope in a Changing Climate, explains why wealth isn't the money in our banks but is functioning, healthy ecosystems.

He asks: Has our current economy created wealth? While a minority have accumulated wasteful material possessions the vast majority of people live in terrible poverty and large areas of the planet have been reduced to desert.

He suggests that the way we can fix our problems - escalating and dangerous climate change, poverty, disease, species extinction - is by restoring ecological function.

Watch his other two films and see how Earth restoration is already being done. "We can do it!"


Green Gold - the restoration of the Loess Plateau in China, an area the size of France!

Hope in a Changing Climate - all about restoring ecosystems, preventing flooding and building soil with John D. Liu.

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