Greening China's Desert

China View
Friday, 6th June 2014

Using determination and hard work, Yin Yuzhen and her husband have turned a lonely and empty Chinese desert into an oasis of trees and vegetables.

In 1986, the couple moved to north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Yin was shocked at the vast emptiness of the area and so decided to plant trees.

Her husband worked hard in the local community, taking payment as saplings and over the last 28 years the couple have planted over 600,000 trees, covering 1,600 hectares.

The local community are amazed at the transformation and even the government have now acknowledged their work and are funding new trees.

This is an amazing example of how any habitat can be rejuvenated and turned into a diverse eco-system - exactly what is needed for the future of this planet.

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Simon Benjamin |
Sun, 08/06/2014 - 14:51

Very inspiring. Trees have an amazing ability to repair the soil life to land and to bring it back to usefulness to wildlife and to people.
Please everyone plant some trees. In England I'd recommend Italian Alder as an initial tree it fixes nitrogen grows fast and can be coppiced or pruned to keep it the size you want. It also works well as a wind break. I use it on the edge of my orchard and prune it back to 4 ft every second year. You can then use the trimmings as rich mulch under your fruit trees and bushes.

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