Guerrilla Gardening at Occupy Wall Street

Permaculture Media
Monday, 14th November 2011

Students from Sterling College in Vermont came down to Occupy Wall Street and showed us how to plant and sow seeds anywhere where there is soil. In this short film, they demonstrate how easy it is to grow winter greens and beets right in the parks flower beds, and then speak earnestly and passionately about the importance of farming, and understanding where our food comes from. 

April Andersen |
Tue, 22/11/2011 - 15:48

Good thing

April Andersen |
Tue, 22/11/2011 - 15:49

Good thing

Wilhelmus de Wilde |
Tue, 22/11/2011 - 16:13

Very good, we are working on solutions now, pls (sorry for the length) read also my solutions , add your ideas and create a better world

Ir Wilhelmus P.C.M. de Wilde
27 october 2011


Revaluation of the human being is one of the most important issues in this egoistic World. The material revaluation lies in the fact that each human represents daily energy received by the sun and a certain surface of the earth , he is not the Owner but is responsible for that, a human is not only a social number or a unit for consummation. Our Economy has become the new religion, with a God that is called money, this God has no spiritual background but only materialistic and egoistic guidelines. Even the 10 commandments become worthless for obtaining PROFIT. Profit is not Well Being, Growth is only admissible in the spiritual way. Work is a word invented by factory owners and should be replaced by voluntary efforts, people need not to be retired the can proceed with their voluntary efforts at any time during their lives, no more pension funds that play dice with our money. As each human being is a representative of real Material and Spiritual value, they have the right for Housing, Food, Education, Health Care and free Transport, all this cannot be arranged in one day, we must start with our free will and become conscious of the things we really like to do to arrange a future society, so at the end of each life one can say “I have added to the well being of our world”.

Key words : The new God : Economy, slavery, profit/non-profit, human dignity, personal responsibility, consciousness, stability without economic growth, well being.


In the beginning mankind lived in little groups and moved to the places where there was food, there were no fences and no one called himself OWNER of land, of course there were struggles when two ore more groups arrived at the same spot where there was not enough food for all of them , but the weakest had the possibility to move on to the next spot.

Once we started agriculture, we settled and fences were established, we had to defend our so called “property”, this was the beginning of imprisoning of mankind, the surplus that was harvested from this fenced land could be exchanged for products that were also needed but were not cultivated.

However it was possible for every individual to agree upon the value of the products he exchanged, it was the origin of the counter-value . Arrived also the voyagers who travelled from fence to fence and from settlement to settlement with products or services that were unknown to the little communities, they also exchanged their services and products for food and beverage.

When people began to organise their little communities over bigger areas countries arose, that had to create rules in order to prevent a so called “disorder”, so by these rules in fact imprisonment of mankind continued and individuals were more and more chained in these rules that became laws.

The “progress” went on and we sailed the seas and the oceans in order to get products from until then unknown countries, in the case of for example America and Africa, these products were (in the beginning) still exchanged with the original habitants but for objects, that in the country where the merchants came from were worthless. Later on they just were stolen , the original habitants murdered and made slave, without any respect and only for profit of the few.

This was also the time that gold was mined (and stolen). In their home-countries this gold served as a counter value for the so called “MONEY”, money that in the beginning was still in the form of coins made of copper, silver or even gold, these early coins represented a value that was agreed upon, by achieving gold it became possible for counties to emit the so called paper money, behind a piece of imprinted paper was the value of a certain amount of gold.

This was also the reason that some people did not labour any more , but just were busy to collect more and more imprinted paper, gold, silver and diamonds, these activities had nothing to do any more with the original “exchange” of basic products, where in fact the value was the labour of a human being.

The people who were doing this kind of “activity” grouped together and created the “BANKS”, they fooled the people by telling them that they gave “SERVICE”, all kind of service was invented like Insurance (negative lottery), Intermediates (making love with dick of someone else)

So in fact all these “activities” were the origin of the devaluation of the background of money, the original labour was no longer highly estimated , but was looked upon as inferior, worthless and simple. “Educated” people were taking over the power together with the Church (who gave only education to their priests, whose religious “SERVICE” had also to be paid very expensive ) , the normal guy who was working hard was in fact busy to make the rich richer and lived himself in poverty (like it has always been) . All the energy from the working class (which is a lot) was consumed by a few.

After the industrial revolution the factories were established to make more products in a cheaper way in order to make more profit, the working class had to fulfil another task namely that of “CONSUMER”, the wages were just enough to buy food and drink, and it was made clear to them , by means of publicity for the products made by themselves , that they were unhappy, because they did not possess the latest model of some product.


In fact this was a psychological move that worked very well for the class of the happy few, because unhappy people work harder to become as happy as the people that were shown in the advertisements.

What we see here is that the value of the money lost every background, from the natural products of the field, to gold, to ….. nothing, air, promises and now it has become only digits in a list of imaginary numbers, it has become virtual.

The people who are just contributing nothing to society as being present in reunions, are receiving the highest rewards, and the mass “the 99%” is kept “eager” with new ideas and gadgets, but is paid just enough not to starve, and even that is now too much, people who are working don’t have a roof above their head and have to go to the food bank because of the fact that the “SERVICES” offered by the few are no longer offered but are “IMPOSED”. In fact these are the same services as mentioned above , it is just another way of stealing legally from the poor.

The Economy has become the new religion, governments are only busy with the so called prevention of crisis, they do that by pumping worthless money (without any value behind it) in Banks, Banks that are spoiling our money in adventures of share holders in Stock Exchanges, this spoiling money they call rendering Service, but it is gambling in order that the happy few gain more. In the meantime the pensions of the working class have been wasted in their same system, and their solution is clear : let them pay more premium and let us pay them less pension !!!

The institutions housed in their huge buildings with lots of precious metals as wall paper , to impress people , and give them the idea that their money is safe, and you can trust them! This is a kind of trustworthy that is complete irrelevant, it is extravagance that should be distrusted, it is our money, our work, our sweat that is spoiled there.

The people have the idea that democracy works, but when you look further then you see that the trust we gave to persons to represent us, once they are settled they just act for themselves and their future position in the top of the system (with a view on a commissariat in a great bank).

In the news we are warned that a new recession is coming, that our pensions will be worthless and our purchasing power will be diminished, be aware that this only counts for the 99%, the other 1% is earning so much that it never touches them, our mentality is worked upon in a way that we think it is inevitable , but in fact we have the power to change things, it is beginning in the “OCCUPY” demonstrations. But we have to be aware that only a demonstration is not enough we also have to propose solutions.

What can you do ?

For instance we can show our influence in a direct way . Think also that when you receive your monthly salary on the bank and withdraw directly this whole amount, what will happen then ? All the banks will have problems because they just don’t have these amounts. We ARE the 99%, if you take for instance just the city of London with its 20 million habitants, lest say that 30% is working wand has a salary : 6 million people with an average monthly salary of £.1.500,-- take for the automatic payments £.600,-- so everyone takes from his bank £.900,-- makes a total of £.5.400.000.000,-- in one month, and I am now just talking of London.

This action is two-sided : It is very useful also for yourself, you divide your money over 4 weeks and you will see that all those so called easy-pay methods and credit cards are very expensive and only created to make you a slave, the repayment of the debts that they offer you with the best promises become handcuffs, they OWN you, so you always are the victim of so called opportunities that are not relevant. When you pay cash, you become more conscious of the fact that money is a means of exchange, you will be more aware of the pricing of articles and less a victim of publicity.

This is only to point out that in fact it is the 99% , the fundament of society and the power that we in fact represent but are not aware of. But of course this is not the way to change the system, it is only a warning for the 1% that we still exist not only as numbers but also as individuals not only puppets on a string.

To change the system we need to come back to a value behind our work, expressed now in a certain amount of money that we receive in exchange . The money we receive is worthless virtual figures are used for fear. The essence is our contribution to the society in the form of our efforts.

What does each human being represent ?

When we take for instance the energy policy all over the world, it is ridiculous that 7 great companies (the so called Seven Sisters) have all the power in their hands , we pay very expensive oil, while the free energy is at hand in the form of the Sun, the Wind, the Sea and our own Earth. Each quarter of an hour sun shine is enough for all our energy needs, the argument that is too expensive to make the solar panels is nonsense. When we all together decide that we are going to produce these solar panels then the energy we put in this work will be fruitful and of great value even for our children, building together wind mills and solar panels is better as pumping up the last oil from the earth, but therefore we need another form of economy.

So if we are aware of the facts that :

1. we are not powerless, each human being represents an amount of solar energy, the total of energy that the earth receives is 174 Petawatt (10^15watt), divided by 7 billion (habitants of the earth) it means that each human being is representing each day 102.000.000 watts, and you pay for your energy bill !!!
2. The surface of the earth (land) 148.940.000 km², this means that each living human being represents 21,000 m² so 2,1 hectare. Representing this surface does not mean that you possess it, no but you are responsible for it, the time we are living this responsibility counts.

Being responsible and representing a certain surface of the earth and a repeating incoming energy gives the material value of each human being, not the amount of precious metals he possesses (also only during his life) not the amount of Zero’s that form the number of virtual money that he could use, the REAL VALUE of course is beside this formulation the CONSCIOUSNESS of each human being, and with a revaluation of the material side of the human being also the revaluation of the SPIRITUAL side has to be accounted for.

It must be possible to work and think together to find a new way of distributing and really using these energies (energy of our efforts and surrounding energy of nature), we are now with 7 billion people on earth, if everyone is just spending one hour per week to achieve this goal it could work.

Arrangements to be made

1. agreeing on a new value behind our work : for instance if we achieve the solar project (on the earth scale) the energy is X megawatt over for instance 25 years, this has to be divided over 7 billion people, over the coming 25 years. These kind of earth (Gaia) projects need to be centralised .
2. The word “WORK” has to be changed in EFFORT, work is in our society a duty, and it must become free will even become a desire.
3. The other form of centralisation, but not of political power but of thinking power (for instance by the use of the internet) has to be : taking care of the actual food problems, we must achieve together by solving the energy problem (and so being no longer a slave of the oil companies) enlarge the well being of the whole human race, it is not a problem of sharing wealth, but of sharing well being, the earth must be looked upon as our treasure , and it is big enough to take care of all its inhabitants (also the animals). Wars for oil will be finished, the energy spent on making wars can be spent on rising food and advancing science.
4. Once the energy project has started, the final result will be free energy for all, the “work” to be done will be continuation and improvement of the technique , science for that can be a speciality of people interested in the area, they do that because of the fact that they are : 1. interested and 2. have the wish to do it, not because of the fact that they “have to”.
5. The word PROFIT has to disappear from our vocabulary, the word “well being” and “happiness” will be the most important goal of mankind, egoism like the share holder society that we live in must disappear, the word GROWTH and MORE should only be used for well being and happiness. It is absolute ridiculous that some company that has generated a profit of 600 million and now generates “only” 500 million is a reason for the egoists to say that something is going wrong, this being the cause of a recession where the lowest paid are the first victims.
6. If there is enough free energy available ALL EDUCATION MUST BE FREE for everybody, no matter the age, the teachers will be men an women who like it to teach and get a good feeling when they do it, then the level of education in the world will automatically grow. Also the ones that choose for a special education will be really interested, the whole atmosphere will be pleasant. The basic education however for children has to be a duty, inherent to the above mentioned responsibilities.
7. Because of the fact that nobody these days does anything for nothing the “COSTS” are becoming incredible high and in no relation with the end product, costs in fact are also an expression of not being willing or able to achieve something for another being without profit, the word IDEALISM must be revaluated. In fact everybody needs to achieve the feelings of an artist, for an artist needs to express himself in his own personal way, and so he does no matter what the material gain will be, it is just the expression that gives the well being.
8. Banks have to do what they are for: being a distribution and accounting centre for values, no longer speculations on stock exchanges, just keeping mankind informed of the “energy” status , the work done in this banks will in the future be done by computers and eventually Artificial Intelligence.
9. Public transport will be free, the real public transport. More so called “Nerds” (whose hobby it is to achieve technical structures) will be used to arrange that this means of transport is flowing in the right order. It is ridiculous that private companies who’s only goal is to make profit are used for public transport.
10. Factories will still exist , but with less workers, the workers that exercise these jobs do it because of their interest in the “making of” and contribute to the “improvement” of the products. The age of the contributors is of no importance.
11. People are achieving more and more high ages, so there will be no more pensions, no one will retire at a certain age, the elderly will by their way of living and thinking contribute to the total of the new society, the fact that every human being is granted a life (food, education, transport, housing, energy) means that pension funds are useless (as they are already because the receive our money but don’t pay).
12. The HEALTH CARE must be free too. It is a basic human right. People that are taking care of other people do this with their hart, as lots of them do it already.
13. In this world we try to preserve personal reserves because of the fact that our personal well being can be attacked every moment , if the new energetically unified society becomes a reality then there is no more need to create your own reserves, because the whole mankind is your reserve, and the value of the material representation (earth surface) and responsibility for the energy are assuring our REAL material VALUE.
14. Criminality : criminality in the form of sick people attacking others cannot be eliminated, science however will continue to search for healing , but killing someone for a dollar will be finished, there are no more dollars, burglary is not useful any more, bank robbery is not existing any more, fraud neither.

The key word for this new society is “WELL BEING”

All the above seems perhaps too idealistic for changing our reality of today, therefore I should like to introduce a manual for any individual who is trying to change the direction of egoism to the direction of well being and so we can all begin :

1. Look around you and become aware of the reality, become aware of the fact that you are being deceived, note all the deceptions for yourself in a little notebook (just an example, any means is good), bring out these facts on the social media.
2. Go search in “yourself” for the interests that really apply to your personal wishes. You will encounter then the real voluntaries of your life, write them down, if it is only one be happy , these activities are in fact the new bases of the future society. When there is a central point to collect all these activities you will see that even at this very moment a lot of so called “work” can be achieved!
3. Become aware of all the publicity around you and become consciousness how this publicity is changing your well being, if your well being is diminished the publicity is a trap. Mention these trap publicities in your paper or on the social media.
4. When you are blogging try to forward this message or your personal interpretation of it.

If these propositions just were used in order to ameliorate your own perception, perhaps than we missed a very important issue, namely the amelioration of our planet, that as a matter of fact has enough potentiality for the well being of us all.

In order to arrange that it would be important that the remarks that you found on the nr.2 above should be emitted to an internet site that is like a future bank collecting all the data and putting them in the right order, this becomes then a real treasure bank with the treasures of all the human possibilities. You see what is happening , all the data from individuals around the world are being collected and from there we are already indicating the amount of people and their personal activity that can be done just for free, in this way we are giving the rest of the society already a clue that we are not crazy, so we expect reactions from EVERYBODY !!!


The OCCUPY movement is the beginning of the dawn of this new form of living, as a matter of fact this is the dawning of the age of AQUARIUS.

Keep on thinking free

Ir Wilhelmus de Wilde
24 October 2011