Heat Your Room For 8 Pence A Day

Keep Turning Left
Saturday, 9th November 2013

Feeling chilly and don't want to turn up the heat? Here's a cheap and easy alternative to heating a small room - tealights and flowerpots.

By positioning two flowerpots over four tealight candles in a bread baking dish, you can heat a small room or office. The gap between the two pots enables a flow of air that then passes warm air around the room.

We have friends who have tried this method and it works well.


Be aware that the baking dish and pots will become VERY HOT! DO NOT TOUCH THEM without oven gloves whilst the candle is alight.

NEVER leave a naked flame unattended. Blow it out before you leave the room. Be aware that paraffin is toxic - you need to ventilate the room if you try this out. 

Tealights are fossil fuel based - this idea is just a start. Let's get creative - consider making beeswax tealights or using coconut oil. We will be posting new ideas every day so do please drop by again!


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