How To Graft A Fruit Tree

Dave Wilson Nursery
Monday, 25th March 2013

Are you bored of your one variety fruit tree? Is your tree an eratic cropper? Or does it never fruit at all? Instead of digging or cutting the tree down to plant a new one, use it as a root stock and graft on a variety you do want. Take advantage of an established root system!

Tom Spellman from Dave Wilson Nursery takes us through an easy step-by-step guide on how to bark graft multiple varieties to bring your tree back to life.

Tom is easy to understand, explaining the reasons why you may want to graft, the importance of keeping tools clean and advice on only using non-patented varieties.

It includes slicing the budwood or scions, the best way to slice the bark, using tree seal to keep the tree safe from disease and care methods for the future of the tree.

This easy to understand guide is a great way to rejuvenate an old tree and provide you with better tasting yields.

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