How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change: Hope for the future.

Allan Savory
Wednesday, 6th March 2013

"I can think of almost nothing that offers more hope for our planet, for your children, and their children, and all of humanity."

These words by Allan Savory are the essence of this film. Although this film explains how to turn an arid, 'desertified' landscape back to green, nutritious and growable farmland, it is vital that everyone listen to what Allan has to say. You may never be a farmer that needs to improve an area of livestock pasture but what we learn here is how the 'desertification' of land is causing climate change and critically how we can begin to reverse it. This is a practical, tested strategy that works and we all need to know effective ways of locking up carbon in the soil rather than releasing it into the atmosphere, escalating climate change.

Even if we can eliminate the use of fossil fuels, with arid soils that can't hold water and where vegetation dies and people go hungry, climate change will continue to get worse.

Learn how Allan, an ecologist for many years, has taken a journey of re-education and discovery. He has realised that there is one, unthinkable option for preventing climate change; mob grazing. This replicates what happens in the wild where herds stay bunched to protect themselves from predators, fertilse an area with their manure and then move on to grasslands new. This behaviour can be imitated and some projects have already shown a 50% improvement in pasture regeneration in one year after using this livestock technique, also locking up carbon in the soil.

Allan provides a hope for the future, demonstrating that when we imitate natural systems we are working with nature to improve nature. 


See Masanobu Fukuoka's Sowing Seeds in the Desert and Sepp Holzer's Desert or Paradise for more information on restoring degraded landscapes.

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