How to Make a Hugelkultur Bed

Permaculture Ideas
Thursday, 10th April 2014

Hugelkultur beds have many benefits, from soil aeration to carbon sequestering.

Not only are they easy to create, they are also a great way to use up old pieces of wood and because they are built vertically, they take up less space - perfect for a small garden!

The wood decays over a long period of time, which provides a regular source of nutrients for plants, whilst also acting as a sponge. In wet weather the beds soak up water, holding it for times of drought. 

Further resources 

The many benefits of hugelkultur

Small-scale hugelkulter in raised beds

Want to learn more about huglekultur beds? We highly recommend Sepp Holzer's Permaculturea ground breaking book that will teach you all you need to know! (Also available as an eBook) (For US readers, you can buy from Chelsea Green HERE).


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