Living in an Off-grid 6m Shipping Container

Living Big in a Tiny House
Friday, 24th October 2014

Tiny homes are a fantastic way to live with a small carbon footprint. Especially if your building is recycled and your energy is renewable.

This tiny home belonging to Brenda Kelly is a reused shipping container. Although it is one of the larger sizes, 6m x 2.5m (20ft x 8ft) Brenda only lives in 4m of the space making it 10sq.m which is the council requirement for not needing building consent (New Zealand legislation).

It is amazing how much can fit in such a small space, with a bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and office plus the sitting room turns into a spare bed!

Brenda also uses solar panels to supply her electric demand and harvests her rainwater.

An affordable, sustainable and recycled home that is beautiful, multi-purpose and off-grid!

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Kris Mccleery |
Sat, 25/10/2014 - 16:16

Refer to subject ... BRILLIANT !