Make Your Own IBC Biogas Digester

Thomas H. Culhane
Friday, 5th February 2016

Do you cook on wood or with gas or electricity? You don't have to! This film shows you how to make a simple biogas digester and produce biogas from kitchen scraps, other food waste, even animal manure. You can then store the gas in simple inflatable bags and connect them up to your stove.

You might think biogas is for 'developing' countries but it should be the free and easy to make and manage alternative to fossil fuels as well as wood. IT is as applicable in a New York basement as it is in Africa.

Take a look at this brilliant tutorial. Simple, step by step instructions with excellent diagrams plus photographs of successful projects AND examples of what not to do.

Thank you Solar CITIES. Awesome work!

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gtaliss |
Mon, 30/05/2016 - 20:31

I designed and built my own home-scale biogas plant and now create my own electricity - it literally lowered my bills by 30%. If you have some livestock, plus kitchen and human waste you can meet your cooking and lighting needs easily. (if you're considering electricity generation, there's no better blueprint online than THIS one

You will need to have a two small tanks, digester and colector where the gas will be stored for future burning. Once enough gas accumulates you simply run the generator with it. All you need to do is feed it with biodegradable waste from sewage, plant materials, fruit waste, manure, food waste or garden and lawn waste.

This way you get free electricity, potentially forever.