Making and Charging Your Own Biochar

Maya Mountain Research Farm
Friday, 8th July 2016

Biochar is a very powerful tool for restoring, and protecting soil health, and happy plants, with longterm results. Want a succinct and simple explanation of how biochar enriches soil?

Want to make biochar yourself in an oil drum?

Want to know how to charge it yourself?

This short film from Maya Mountain Research Farm is climate specific to Belize but you can swap the timber species to your bioregion. It can transform your crop yields and sequester carbon too. 100% win-win!

You can also download a free PDF available online at:

Special thanks to Jill Burgess at Ya'axché Conservation Trust, for their original drawings in the manual.

Further resources

Charging biochar

Biochar: How to build soil, lock up carbon, & build fertility on the farm

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