Patterning in Permaculture Design: a Masterclass by Aranya

Sebastian von Holstein
Monday, 3rd June 2013

By looking at nature's patterns, we can learn to mimic them and design sustainable systems accordingly. Aranya explains that when we do this, we are essentially looking at the earth's 3.5 billion years of research and development. 

When we really spend the time to observe and understand individual systems, we also uncover their various functions, which will enable us to use them for alternate uses.

Biomimicry and the recognition of patterns are valuable tools that enable us to better organise and design many aspects of our lives, whether they apply to earth care, people care or fair share permaculture principles. This approach is just as valuable in the garden as it is to personal relationships and business models.

Further information

RegenAg's Darren J. Doherty looks at Patterns in Nature. See the video here

Maddy Harland explores the patterns in an original permaculture design principle – Working with, not against natural forces

For more insights into Aranya's permaculture method, see Permaculture Design: Step by step guide by Aranya, now in it's third reprint in just one year! (e-book version also available)

Patrick Whitefield's Earth Care Manual is a modern version of Bill Mollison's original Permaculture: A Designer's Manual (e-book version also available)