The Positive Effects of Natural Swimming Pools

David Pagan Butler
Saturday, 27th July 2013

How much do you want to spend building a new swimming pool? When you really think about the cost of a little luxurious dip, you may be put off. Furthermore, if you have any ecological awareness, you also know that a chlorinated pool may have ill effects on both you and the local environment.

Here, David Pagan Butler, a leading authority in the world of natural swimming pools, visits Joanna from Sussex, who has successfully built a nature-friendly, skin-soft natural swimming pool at a fraction of the cost of building a conventional pool.

All of us living in Britain know that the swimming pool season is short here. Increasingly erratic weather, even in summer means that for many, including Joanna's friend down the road, that the pool cover will only ever come off a 3 or 4 times a year.

The beauty with a natural pool such as this one is that it remains open all year round. In winter it freezes over and as it thaws in early spring, all life returns, as does it self-cleaning ability and the life-giving symbiotic relationships between plants, bugs, air and water that naturally filters this living, breathing body of water.]

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