A practical beginners guide to fruit tree pruning

Wyre Forest Orchard
Saturday, 2nd March 2013

Many people believe tree pruning to be a difficult, daunting task, but this need not be the case! This video uncovers the mysticism that surrounds pruning fruit trees and provides a very useful starting point for anyone thinking of attempting it themselves. It also shows you how to restoration prune, i.e. prune fruit trees that have been left untouched for years.

Pruning is essential for producing better quality fruit, containing tree sizes and removing disease and damage.

This video takes you through all the basics, on site at the Wyre Forest Orchard. Explained are the basic requirements for tree management, restorative pruning and the reasons some tree pruning may need to occur at different times of year.

The video then uses an unmanaged tree as an example, taking you through each element of tree pruning. It's easier than you think! Give it a go and enjoy your bountiful rewards, whether it be for cider, perry or for cooking!

Presented by Wade Muggleton who writes for Permaculture magazine.

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