Recipes 4 Recovery - Wheat-Free, Sugar-Free Blueberry Muffins + FREE Recipe e-book

Permaculture Magazine
Friday, 9th November 2012

A weekend treat for you! Here is superb recipe that turns the traditional unhealthy muffin into a delicious wheat-free, sugar-free alternative.

This and other recipes on Hayley's website have been specifically designed to help those on the road to recovery from M.E./C.F.S./P.V.S.D./I.B.S./Fibromyalgia and other similar illnesses but they are just as useful to those trying to boost energy and vitality to live a better, healthier life.

Healthy and Delicious Treats!

When it comes to dinner time, food must be something to make you happy, it must be enjoyable but also good for you! 

These muffins have all the deliciousness of regular ones but without the guilt-factor. Easy to make and cow dairy free, they are the perfect snack to lift your spirits.

Hayley has also produced a fantastic FREE e-book with 10 delicious breakfast recipes. Click here to claim yours!

Ingredients list:

220g Spelt flour

1 1/2 tsp Baking powder

1tsp Salt

125g Xylitol

85g Coconut butter

100ml Almond milk

1 Egg

200g Blueberries 

Hayley Harland began her journey to recovery in 2009 and wanted a place to share the things that helped her along the way, which is when she created Recipes4Recovery. She started writing on her blog, 
The Delectable Diary which she still uses for her stories about food & travel. She was the online editor at Permaculture. She now works as a website designer & social media consultant, while photographing and writing about food as much as possible.

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