The Regrarian Vision: Restoring the Earth with Perennial Polycultures

Georgi Pavlov
Wednesday, 14th January 2015

If you could animate your landscape and imagine a restorative agriculture what would it look like? Here is the Regarians' vision at Savannah Farm, South Australia: climax species trees carefully spaced over diverse pastures with dew ponds and small-scale animal husbandry on moveable arks with holistic, mob grazing.

Watch this animation at full screen!

Joel Salatin would recognise the patterns here because these kind of farms are beginning to appear all over the wolrd. Why? Because they work both economically and ecologically. We can restore barren agricultural landscapes and create farms where nature thrives.

Design by: Regrarians LTD
Music: Blackmill - Friend (All rights belong to Robert Card).

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COMING SOON! Permaculture magazine will feature 'Farming With Nature', an update by Maddy Harland on Rebecca Hosking and Tim Green's 'farm for the future' where holistic grazing and many other restoration agriculture practises are being implemented in Devon, UK.


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