Reversing climate change & desertification with holistic planned grazing

Savoury Institute
Tuesday, 3rd April 2012

The grasslands, rangelands and savannas of the world lock up carbon. Overgraze them and we create desertification and release carbon. By grazing animals in a holistic, planned way: Mimicking nature and replicating how herds of wild animals graze, moving on in tight formation once the pasture is manured, we can regenerate grasslands, prevent soil erosion and ensure the health of the animals. With this system, animals are not forced to overgraze on land covered in their faeces. Alan Savoury's work is pioneering and many people are now successfully trying out these practises all over the world. This is a vital aspect of developing not only a sustainable agriculture but one that can regenerate landscapes and ecosystems.

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Read Rebecca Hosking's blog Permaculture thinking on the farm: going beyond tradition on holistic grazing our the readers' comments - very interesting!

Jules Fish |
Thu, 05/04/2012 - 12:16

Fantastic! I never realized before that grassland actually NEEDS animals!
Kirk Gadzia, an associate of the Savory Institute and a leading pioneer of regenerative agriculture, is coming to the UK at the beginning of May to give his first-ever workshop in this country.
We may not be seeing very obvious signs of desertification here but many of us are concerned about problems of diminishing soil quality and overgrazing. Kirk's workshops are very interactive and I hear he's looking forward to meeting British farmers and smallholders and to sharing his ideas and helping us find solutions.
He'll be at Cowdray Home Farms in West Sussex from 5th to 7th May.

marcusvoltory |
Wed, 16/05/2018 - 10:19

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nina su |
Thu, 07/06/2018 - 02:23

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