Skillshare: Making Handmade Solar Photovoltaic Panels for Developing Countries

Norman Phipps & Dean Buchanan
Thursday, 24th January 2013

This video follows the Low Impact Living Initiative (LILI) as they attempt to teach the skills needed to make handmade solar PV systems in developing countries.

Here, people are taught to cut solar cells to size, hand solder and wire simple electronics amongst other skills in a order to create a working finished product.

The difference one panel makes to a family is enormous. Children, ordinarly used to parafin lamps, are able to study in the evening in proper light, saving them from eye strain and furthering their education, a sure way out of poverty.

For more information and resources on DIY solar panels and their use in developing countries, please read our 'Making DIY Solar Panels for your Off Grid Home' article.