Social Permaculture with Starhawk - entering the culture of relationship, systems and flows

Friday, 4th March 2016

Social Permaculture is helping to create a new level of understanding and application of the permaculture toolkit for the many students and teachers of this emerging field. We are looking at redesigning all levels of society from the hyper-local to the profoundly global. Here Starhawk, an Earth activist, acclaimed author, teacher and mentor for countless people all over the world, shares some of her perspectives on where permaculture is going. She is a true visionary whose work touches and heals those around her.

Check out this video from Gaiacraft that explains with elegant brevity how social permaculture can shift our thinking away from a mechanistic worldview into a world of connection, relationship and flows.

Film produced by Dana S Wilson
Envoy: Delvin Solkinson
Team: Kym Chi and Annaliese Hordern
Filmed on Location at the Sustainability Centre

The Empowerment Manual by Starhawk

People and Permaculture by Looby Macnamara

Inspired by Starhawk's novel, the Fifth Sacred Thing


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