Urban Permaculture - Creating a Rooftop Food Farm in New York

Sebastian von Holstein
Monday, 26th November 2012

Since recently posting Can We Make our Cities Sustainable with Permaculture? we have had plenty of interest in more urban forms of permaculture.

This is no surprise as most of us now reside in built-up city spaces where the cost of living is high and our food security increasingly precarious.

Permaculture has always been tremendously useful in these types of environments as one is able to gain a large output with only minimum input, in this case a high quantity of food in a limited amount of space.

New York's Very Own Rooftop Food Farm

Co-founder and head farmer of the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, Annie Novak has created a parcel of productive green space right in the heart of New York City. Annie is a self-declared urban farmer, whose aim it is to provide organic, fresh food to the local community.

Photo Credit : justalittlejoy.com

The farm is open every Sunday and provides an educational resource for local New Yorkers who wish to learn some new skills or gain some inspiration for their very own small green spaces.

Annie clearly feels there is a need for such forms of localised food production in times of energy uncertainty and her majestic efforts are somewhat reminiscent of Cuba's own 'Organoponico' urban food gardens, which came as oil supplies almost entirely disappeared in the early 1990's.

In one of the food capitals of the world, Annie is clearly demonstrating that we have the ability to provide a bounty of food for ourselves and others in the world's largest of concrete jungles.

For more information about permaculture design applied to urban living and growing see our two new books, Compact Living and Permaculture in Pots.

To find out about creating healthy relationships with like-minded people in these types of environments, Looby Macnamara's People & Permaculture is an invaluable resource.

If you would like to see what Eagle Street Rooftop Farm are up to, visit rooftopfarms.org, or follow them on Twitter.

Video by Food Forward TV

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