Using Biomimicry To Build a Centenary City in Nigeria

Permaculture Magazine
Tuesday, 27th August 2013

Nigeria will be celebrating its 100th birthday next year and as part of the celebration a new city will be built based on biomimicry.

Following the systems of nature, the 'Smart City' will be built in Abuja, being self sufficient and interdependent.

The design will use, "natural resources as the model, measure and mentor," to provide a future for the country.

Materials and food will be locally sourced so that nothing has to be imported, everything will be used to its maximum with as little waste as possible and nature will be fully respected. Water, as the most important natural resource, will be left to flow feely through the city, respected and utilised by all. Public transport will be embedded in the systems and a legacy will be left for future generations. 

It will be a city that works as a mature and abundant ecosystem. 

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