Using Nettles to Feed Seedlings – making fermented plant juice

Huw Richards
Tuesday, 27th April 2021

Huw Richards, organic gardener, author and YouTuber, explains how he's adopted Korean Natural Farming techniques to improve the health of his vegetable garden.

Huw chats with author, Nigel Palmer (The Regenerative Grower’s Guide to Garden Amendments) about fermented plant juice, the many benefits and why nettles are useful.

Huw then shares a nettle fermented juice recipe and Nigel shares a couple of methods for diluting and applying.

Korean Natural Farming (KNF) takes advantage of indigenous microorganisms (IMO) (bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa) to create healthy and fertile soils without using harmful pesticides and fertilisers. This simple technique aims to strengthen seedlings, giving them all the nutrinets they need, which then increases the plants nutrition and productivity because it is at maximum health.

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