Velcrow Ripper and the Need for Change: Occupy Love

Rozie Apps and Velcrow Ripper
Sunday, 1st December 2013

Award-winning director Velcrow Ripper, introduces Occupy Love as the first of Permaculture magazine's new season of inspiring films to help raise awareness of social, environmental and financial changes taking place in our world. 

Velcrow explains the purpose behind the film and how he set out to answer the question: How can the crisis on the planet become a love story?

Through a mix of interviews with key visionaries on alternative systems in economics, sustainability and empathy and protests and evolutions across the globe, Velcrow and his team explore the future of our world, a future that is asking for a fair and just society.

It is a powerful film expressing socieities need for change from the current economic situation.

"An eye-opening and must-see film that is best watched in a group. It will inspire you to begin your own peaceful and life-changing revolution."

You can read a review of Occupy Love in the latest issue of Permaculture magazine (issue 78) (also available in pdf)

Occupy Love is for sale on our Green Shopping site for £19.95 or, with the advice of Velcrow, why not watch it with others and buy with a community viewing license for £24.99

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