Mission LifeForce |
Tuesday, 14th November 2017
Ecocide lawyer, Polly Higgins, is heading the Mission LifeForce campaign. Become a legal trustee of the Earth and help fund a law to protect our planet, our communities, and all those who take action as conscientious protectors. Right now, dangerous industrial activity is legally permitted, while...
Huws Nursery |
Tuesday, 10th October 2017
Huw Richards from Huws Nursery visits Maddy and Tim Harland (founders of Permaculture magazine) in their 25-year-old no dig permaculture garden. Walk around their abundant food forest, no dig vegetable beds and wild life meadow, and learn how growing with permaculture can create a beautiful, low-...
Charles Dowding |
Friday, 25th August 2017
No dig expert, Charles Dowding, walks us around his now 5-year-old market garden. What was once pasture, is now veggie fllled beds, a polytunnel, greenhouse and multiple composting bays. Truely inspirational.   Want to learn how to do it yourself? Read the latest book by Charles Dowding and...
Sugarloaf Permaculture |
Wednesday, 19th July 2017
After reading an article in Pip Issue 6 (Australian Permaculture magazine) about how to plan planting of food so that there is an on-going harvest instead of periodic gluts and then scarcity, I got inspired. Evita and I are both poor at keeping a notebook/diary of what is planted, where, and when...
Permaculture magazine |
Thursday, 6th July 2017
Looby Macnamara, author of People and Permaculture and Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture magazine explain how they are using permaculture and design webs to empower women. For more information about their Empowering Women with Permaculture course please see
Huws Nursery for Permaculture magazine |
Friday, 30th June 2017
Huw from Huws Nursery shares his tips for using hay in the vegetable garden. It can be used as a mulch to reduce the need to water, as well as helping to create healthy soil. Useful links Mulching potatoes with straw How to grow your own mulch No Dig Organic Home and Garden
Thursday, 29th June 2017
Charles Dowding shows the sowing, thinning, planting and harvesting stages of beetroot. He starts his first sowing in February but you can sow through to mid-summer for an autumn harvest. Useful links No Dig Organic Home and Garden by Charles Dowding & Stephanie Hafferty Watch: Charles Dowding'...
Huws Nursery |
Friday, 23rd June 2017
Top tips from Huw's Nursery on what veggies to grow in shade. Useful links No Dig Organic Home and Garden by Charles Dowding and Stephanie Hafferty Using perennial polycultures to create mulches and fertilisers How to make vertical raised beds
Zillow |
Friday, 9th June 2017
Another moveable tiny home to be envious of! This converted school bus includes shower, toilet, kitchen, fold-away bed, solar panels and a water tank that holds enough for owner Charlie for 7-10 days. His solar panels create enough electricity for him to play electric guitar and regularly use his...
TEDx Talks |
Monday, 5th June 2017
Energy Revolution author, Howard Johns, recently gave a talk at TEDxExeter. Featured above, the talk explores how far renewable energy has come across the world, how many community projects are taking the clean and renewable step and how you could be a part of it. - In 2016, Norway got 98% of their...