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Saturday, 8th December 2012

Visit Sepp Holzer's amazing, biodiverse farm 1500 metres (almost 5000 feet) on an Austrian mountain. Most neighbouring farmers mainly 'farm' monocultural spruce plantations, Sepp is able to produce an incredible range of crops through the creation of microclimates and his unique water management systems. Sepp builds water retaining ponds and lake systems high up on the mountain which have become thriving aquacultures producing fish for the table as well as wildlife habitats teeming with biodiversity. The water creates microclimates around the banks where Sepp is able to grow an abundant edible landscape of fruit and nut orchards plus heritage vegetable and grain crops planted along the banks. In a cold Alpine climate you can find oranges, lemons and kiwis growing, as well as numerous other fruits and vegetables. 

Sepp works with nature and also creates habitats where his heritage breed farm animals thrive as well. He uses pigs as tractors to clear land for crops, farms cattle and keeps many breeds of chickens and ducks and makes sure his animals are kept in as natural a way as possible. Seeing this place is believing.

Take a tour with Josef, Sepp's son, and see for yourself what applied permaculture design can do in a farmed landscape. Human beings can live in harmony with the land, creating wildlife habitats and producing an incredible variety of foods. Sepp and his family have proved it.

For more information on the techniques used to create Sepp's aquacultures see his new book Desert or Paradise: Restoring endangered landscapes using water management, including lake and pond construction. Also available in eBook formats here. For more about Sepp's permaculture techniques see Sepp Holzer's Permaculture. Again available in various eBook formats here. You won't be disappointed!

oystercatcher |
Mon, 17/12/2012 - 22:45

The first time I saw Krematahoff and the videos Sepp Holzer produced (on youtube) I was stunned with what he had achieved. I loved his first book, the Rebel Farmer but was left wanting to know more as the book was sometimes rather confusing and incomplete (Sepp has produced some other books I haven't read yet).

This video by Josef brilliantly explains a lot of the permaculture concepts very well especially how the animals operate in the landscape, such as keeping the undergrowth down so harvesting is easier and how the water is rejuvenated by oxygenation. Love the ability to drain the ponds to make it easier to catch fish!

Sandra Peham-Nagovnak |
Thu, 26/03/2015 - 05:46

Sepp Holzer one of the greatest permaculture pioneers in Europe!

Holzer Permaculture Tour | AUSTRIA

August 24th to September 4th
Experience what people call
"Paradise on Earth"


* The Krameterhof
* The Holzerhof
* Edible Communities
* Practice and earthworks

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