The Voices of the Indigenous People at COP21

Maddy Harland
Thursday, 3rd December 2015

Let's not focus on the battles we can't win. Let's focus on today's struggle. Let's turn our full attention to COP21 and what is happening in Paris. It isn't all about world leaders. It is also about the indigenous people, the environmental campaigners, the Transitioners, the inspired, the ecovillagers, the change makers, the voices of the peoples of the world. Let's hear their messages. Let's focus on them and their influence in those draughty corridors of international negotiation. Let's hear their spirit.

"The real lessons of ecology is that we are one member of a large living family on thsi earth...

The indigenous peoples of the world can teach us how to be more connected to the earth and the climate and find a new way for the future. "Knowledge s responsibility. It is required that we act together as a species on a planetary scale." John Liu

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