What will our food systems look like when we relocalise?

Mat McD
Tuesday, 6th December 2011

In Manchester a variety of organisations are at the forefront of changes in the way food is produced and distributed in the UK. This short film highlights their important work and offers us a more sustainable model for the future when cheap transport is a thing of the past and the food supply is by necessity relocalised. Added to this, production is far lower impact, ethical, affordable and organic – a food system we all want, wherever we live.

Most of the organisations included here have been supported by Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming in the UK, and the Making Local Food Work project which helps people to take ownership of their food and where it comes from by providing advice and support to community food enterprises across England. 

Useful Resource

The Transition Companion shows how communities are working for a future where local enterprises are valued and nurtured; where lower energy use is seen as a benefit; and where co-operation, creativity and the building of resilience are the cornerstones of a new economy. 

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