Why working 21 hours a week can create a more economically robust, low carbon world

New Economics Foundation
Friday, 9th March 2012

"Money that you don't have, to spend on things you don't need, to create impressions that won't last on people you don't care about..."

Tim Jackson, Professor of Sustainable Devlopment, Surrey University

In the UK and USA particularly we work long hours yet we are getting poorer, not only financially but in terms of time and cultural wealth. The New Economics Foundation compare our economies with Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, all of which have shorter working weeks and yet have robust economies.

Moving towards a 21 hour working week could solve many of our most pressing social, economic and environmental problems. Anna Coote, Tim Jackson and Juliet Schor outline NEF's vision for a better, more economically robust and low carbon world.

Work less, grow more food, contribute to your community, take care of your friends and relatives and buy less consumer goods that you don't really want anyway. Focus on what makes feel happy, not what makes you look good.