Zone 1 gardening – Tackling the front garden

Alex Ojeda
Monday, 15th April 2013

Take a journey through Alex Ojeda's Zone 1 permaculture garden. Traditionally, both front and rear gardens take the form of monocultures with lawns being the preferred garden style, and even less cared for is the front garden, which people usually shy away from due to its lack of privacy.

In this video, the front garden takes pride of place and demonstrates the incredible achievements of a functional permaculture system. Alex describes this system as the "encyclopedia of everything our ancestors learned, but updated to be focused and modern [...] to holistically manage a piece of property [...] and/or preferably the earth."

Here he describes the process of growing soil and thus improving the quantity and quality of micro-organism as well as natural water retention, which he claims is the reason he does not need to water his garden. A perfect example of minimum human input, which still manages to produce a high crop output with minimum waste.

With references to forest gardening; Hugulkultur, Masanobu Fukuoka and Bill Mollisson, this is a superb video to inspire you to make your front garden a beautiful and productive permaculture space.

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