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Lachlan McKenzie |
Monday, 30th March 2015

This is a story about how permaculture has taken root in Timor Leste, with unexpected results, and has become blended with Timorese culture and the push for sustainable food productions and development.

Peter May |
Monday, 23rd March 2015

Over the past couple of years people have been sharing orchard skills across age groups, across the professional / community divide and...across the Channel.

The Orchards Without Borders project, a collaboration between the Brighton and Hove Food...

Every public space can be a food forest - here's an LA example
Sarah Pugh |
Wednesday, 18th March 2015

Every public space, every niche, could be planted up as a food forest. The lead picture is taken in LA and shows how a simple change in the law by pioneering urban farmer, Ron Finley, has allowed food to be grown in public lots all over the city.

Rozie Apps |
Wednesday, 18th March 2015

We all need a good night’s sleep, it helps give us a healthy mind and body. But for many of us, due to various reasons, this isn’t always possible. But scientists in Australia are asking, could it be down to your bedding?

Ruth Hayward and Jenny Pickerill |
Friday, 13th March 2015

Increasing numbers of people are interested in developing community self build projects around the world. In the UK inspirational projects include LILAC (Leeds), Hockerton Housing Project (Nottinghamshire), Springhill Co-Housing (Stroud), Hedgehog (...

Anna Clayton |
Thursday, 12th March 2015

The permaculture mantra of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares is often more easily applied to processes that we are directly involved and connected with; when designing a garden, community project or buying Fairtrade products for example.

Kris De Decker - Low-Tech Magazine |
Wednesday, 11th March 2015

Despite technological advancements since the Industrial Revolution, cooking remains a spectacularly inefficient process. This holds true for poor and rich countries alike. While modern gas and electric cooking stoves might be more practical and produce less indoor...

Megan Treacy - Treehugger |
Monday, 9th March 2015

Wave power has yet to be as successful as solar or wind power, even though the potential energy that could be harvested is huge.