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Alice Griffin |
Tuesday, 29th September 2015

It was a long hot summer here in Portugal and given that the intense heat left us with little opportunity to do much at all on our place, we decided to take the summer off and sit it out in more temperate climates. But, now we’re back and getting busy!

Refugees in Hungary ©mashable.com
IPC Refugee Working Group |
Friday, 25th September 2015

“The world’s refugee crisis is merely a symptom of a more profound problem: the world’s tendency to ignore the human tragedies that produce refugees.” 

- The Conversation, September 16, 2015 4.46am BST Ahrarol J. Ingram, ANU

Chef Shaun Vanlaarhoven slows cucumber respiration rates with rapid cooling in water
Laura Killingbeck |
Thursday, 24th September 2015

I’m not going to lie, post-harvest handling of fruits and vegetables is a rabbit hole that will take you to strange and fascinating places. What happens to plants after they’re picked is not as simple as it appears on the surface. Leaves turn toward the sunlight, sugars transmogrify into new...

Credit: www.uswitch.com
Clive Rolison |
Tuesday, 22nd September 2015

Anyone who is interested in permaculture or alternative energy has probably considered using solar panels to provide their home with electricity which doesn’t come from the national grid or create greenhouse gases.

Anni Kelsey |
Friday, 11th September 2015

After months of planning, preparation and growing, a group of permaculture gardeners from Shropshire presented a permaculture inspired show garden at the Shrewsbury Flower Show, a prestigious event which attracts 50,000 visitors annually.

Conor O'Higgins |
Monday, 7th September 2015

Any permaculturist knows the slogan, 'the problem is the solution'. Over the past few days, I have seen that applied in an incredibly dramatic way.

Chris Hope |
Wednesday, 2nd September 2015

The elder - Sambucus nigra (Caprifoliaceae family) - is an evocative tree, steeped in history, tradition, and folklore. This is one of our great food and medicinal plants, easily found in most areas of the British Isles where people have settled.

Source: http://revolution-news.com/kansas-city-police-brutality-story-two-protests-video/
Mark Boyle |
Thursday, 27th August 2015

Huddled around a campfire with a group of permaculturists one cool September evening, the conversation slowly moved away from natural building techniques, perennial gardening and rewilding, and onto the spicy realm of politics. Impassioned talk of voting, capitalism and anarchism mingled with...