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Kay Hebbourn

I first heard about permaculture about 20 years ago from a friend who was growing his own vegetables.  At the time, I thought it was just a complicated kind of organic gardening....

Leticia Trandafir from P3 Permaculture

P3 Permaculture chat with Emmett Brennan, the producer and assistant director of ...

Rozie Apps

The Le Marche region in central Italy is deeply connected to its land and locality, with small-scale organic and biodynamic vineyards, agrotourisms, passionate communities and a focus...

Kirsten Bradley

Growing edibles in a vertical garden is a great space-efficient way to grow good food. But which sorts of plants work best and will thrive in this kind of system?


A forest garden in Bhutan ©Tim Harland
Maddy Harland

Some years ago, Tim and I were walking on a hot, dry day in the Himalayas to find a monastery in the Punakha District in Bhutan. Located near Lobesa, it stands on a round hillock and...

Chris Hope

Ground ivy is such a beautiful and useful herb, often overlooked. Even with its gorgeous flowers, this plant produces mixed feelings from gardeners, for sometimes taking over where it's not wanted....

Lisbeth Larose

It’s no secret that technology changes the way we live each day. Good news is it simplifies our lives so much, one could say we hold the world in our pockets.

I am a keen gardener and have been...

Oscar Cifuentes

Many things froms our daily lives can be upcycled into something useful. I have found a way to reuse plastic bottles. I have found this method is great for growing on stem cuts as they will stay...

Chris Baldwin

Over the last couple of years we’ve been renovating our cottage using as many simple and permaculture informed solutions as possible.

We have been repairing doors and windows - and to date, have...

Steven Golemboski-Byrne

Learn all about an energy efficient rocket mass heater and experience the warmth for yourself at permaculture centre, Lacklan Farm, Ireland.

Emma Postill

After spending a thoroughly enjoyable three days at my first Hay Festival, I’m already looking forward to returning next year. The combination of stimulating talks...

John Adams

Having a Japanese Professional Ryoba Saw in my armoury of woodworking tools has proved very useful on a number of occasions.

Jackie Bridgen

We took a trip to the Green Scythe Fair (Sunday 15th June 2014) at Thorney Lakes on the Somerset Levels after years of wanting to visit, and were blessed with the...

Maddy Harland

I have treasured my Mira copper trowel, mainly because it is such a beautifully made tool and it is so versatile. These tools are made of solid bronze (an...