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Bill Mollison

I grew up in a small village in Tasmania. I was born in 1928, but my village might have existed in the 11th century. We didn't have any cars; everything that we needed...

Emily McCoy - Soil Association

Sheep and trees may not be the most obvious combination in cider orchards, with most sheep being rather fond of eating apple trees, but a group of farmers in Herefordshire are seeing...

Steve Hanson

Jean Pain, a Frenchman who has since passed away, did extensive research into what he called heat heaps. We are using his research to heat water for our outside showers used by our...

Permaculture Research Institute

Aquaponics is becoming an increasingly popular method of permaculture, probably because it can start with a backyard swimming pool. While creating an ecosystem on one’s own may seem...

Maddy Harland

I have long been a composter and a hot composter at that but I haven’t ever had a slow rot bin. These serve a very useful function. They are filled with leaves, plant matter and...

Harry Burton

Due to an increasingly serious need, we have decided to create an organization called Apple-holics Anonymous to deal with this addictive epidemic sweeping through the fruit growing networks of the world...

Andy Dickson

As an advocate for sustainable transport and an environmentally conscious consumer, I have long been fascinated by the humble bicycle and I am not alone.

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Donnachadh McCarthy

Coldest winter day and the sun heats my office. It is the little things in life that can make an ecological campaigner excited!

Deborah Mitchener

I may cause a backlash here from far more experienced seed savers but I just save everything I can and that looks viable. If you have used an F1 variety there is no point as the majority will be sterile,...

Permaculture magazine

We have a new slot in every issue inviting you to put into words how permaculture has changed your life!

Joan Bailey

Rebecca Thistlethwaite brings the same pleasant no-nonsense presentation to The New Livestock Farmer as she did to Farms with a Future, and...

Maddy Harland

I have always held a fascination for growing under glass since Eliot Coleman’s classic, Four Season Harvest. If we are to extend the growing...

Tomas Remiarz

I went to the Oxford Real Farming Conference for the first time last week. I can't believe it took me so long! Insights and...

David Watson

For most, Ben Law needs no introduction and his back catalogue of books have been read the world over. The latest addition comes in...