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Eric Toensmeier

If you want to turn a barren lot into a permaculture paradise, you've got to start from the ground up.

Ben Law

The season's cutting is over. I love the cyclical nature of my work and how the winters fly by whilst I am out cutting in the coppice. But now spring is here and it is time to start...

Flo Scott

Food waste has a huge negative impact on the environment. According to ‘Love Food Hate Waste’, about one third of all...

Torfasta ¦ir-020114_MG_4261.jpg
Mörður G.Ott

Last summer, Mörður G.Ott was on a business trip to Oslo, when he heard there was a permaculture festival in Hurda. Mörður arrived dressed for business, but when he left he shed the...

Lowton's Copse ©Tim Harland
Maddy Harland

At the beginning of spring I look out over the garden and see our no dig veggie beds, weed free and mulched with home-made compost, the fruit trees pruned, and new trees planted to add...

Cathy Ashley

If you are bothered by neighbouring cats visiting your garden and treating it like a public latrine, fear no more. You can enlist the forces of nature and keep their mucky business out of your finely...

Glennie Kindred

A pond is essential for a healthy ecosystem but if you have a very small garden, a simple washing up bowl and some water mint is enough. Add a few rocks so that the birds can get a drink from it.

Anni Kelsey

At its simplest, a polyculture of (mainly perennial) edibles will have plants of different heights or structures that snuggle up against each other comfortably plus some supporting plants to attract...

Holly Davis

As we learn how vital microbes are to the health of our inner and outer ecosystems, interest in fermentation and its benefits are multiplying. Happily we are now rapidly reclaiming this knowledge and the...


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Permaculture Magazine

This year's South Downs Green Fair has a huge range of performances including the 3 P's: poetry, puppet shows and primitive painting. All this as delicious local food and drink...

Phillip Moore

Artist, activist, and musician turned filmmaker, Peter Charles Downey, presents an inquiry into the state of the world from a Gaian perspective. He pulls together...

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Rozie Apps

"While we tend to think of money as the prime mover of the economy, in fact it is energy that gets things done. More and cheap energy translates to a more complex...

Maddy Harland

Joanna Macy has been helping me look unflinchingly into the face of our global ecological crisis and not give up or burn out for years.

I have taken great...

Deano Martin

Whilst the title may not immediately grab the attention of a UK-based reader, the subtitle Lessons from Desert Farmers on Adapting to Climate...