Maddy Harland |
Thursday, 26th August 2010
This week I had an unexpected windfall. I got a text after work from Imogen (assistant editor at Permaculture) saying that her local Co-op were about to throw out loads of cartons of strawberries – too many for her jam making activities – and she couldn't bear it. Would I like some? She could just about manage 7.5kg on the bus the next day. 7.5kg... more
John Adams, Imogen Oxley, Pete Cooper |
Tuesday, 10th August 2010
While the summer sun is still with us I thought I would update you with our experiences of using a range of solar generation products. One of the most popular has to be the tiny Freeloader Pico. This is a very neat 800mA charger/power supply for mobile phones, Mp3 players, etc. It can recharge itself in 10 hours in sunshine or can be topped up... more
Maddy Harland |
Sunday, 8th August 2010
At this time of year the forest garden is beginning to burgeon with top fruit.   Asian pear, apple with perennial kale and comfrey as undercover   We like making jams and chutneys to give as presents and for our larder. The first fruits to come are plums, closely followed by Oulin's Golden gage, an exquisitely juicy fruit. I usually pick early... more
Trish MacCurrach |
Wednesday, 4th August 2010
Trish MacCurrach, an experienced year-round outdoor cook, spends much of this time of year thinking up new vegetable recipes for the Kotlich (a wood-fired Eastern European hanging cooking pan) and new places to take it to cook. The greenery in my vegetable patch is positively jungle-like. Despite the lack of rain, ‘mange tout’ and broad beans are... more
John Adams |
Tuesday, 3rd August 2010
Burgon and Ball have introduced a range of very useful hand tools to help with the harvesting of fruit, vegetables and herbs. If you have just read the article in PM65, ‘Useful Trees in Public Spaces’ and feel inspired to try public fruit picking, or you have fruit trees of your own, you might be interested in a Burgon and Ball Apple Picker. It... more
Maddy Harland |
Thursday, 15th July 2010
In these times of disruption, change and transition, all of us can be excused for sometimes feeling perplexed, challenged, even a little lost. We are watching the old world slowly disintegrate. Our financial and political systems in the West are under the greatest of duress. Our natural global resources are seriously diminished as we face not only... more
Chris Johnstone |
Thursday, 1st July 2010
"Can we take some of this tree–hugging crap out?" asked Fox executives, after reading the script for Avatar the movie. "No", said James Cameron, the director, "that's why I'm making the film". His vision was to take audiences into a different world, to show a different set of possibilities. "Avatar asks us" he said, "to see that everything is... more
Maddy Harland |
Thursday, 10th June 2010
In our world of rising fuel and food prices prices, practical life skills are becoming increasingly important. One of the best things we can do with our children is to show them how to grow their own food. Even at an early age it is both fun and empowering and they will never forget these important skills nor the time a parent has taken to pass... more
Emma Stoner |
Tuesday, 1st June 2010
On the 1st May a group of people gathered on Parliament Square to occupy the space and demand that 'the war in Afghanistan ends and the troops are brought home with immediate effect'. The peace camp is now running into its 7th week, despite the opposition of the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who is pursuing a court injunction against the... more
John Adams |
Thursday, 29th April 2010
The first power tool I ever bought was a B&D electric drill which came with a free rotary sanding disk attachment. I struggled on for years with this and its successors because it seemed easier than sanding by hand. I suppose it was if you could stand the wrist strain and didn’t mind the swirl marks and occasional gouge in the work piece. Over... more