John Adams |
Tuesday, 29th September 2009
I've always hankered after a woodturning lathe but until now lack of space has prohibited it.However the Scheppach DMT450 stands on a tabletop rather than the floor and is therefore much easier to find room for. As with all Scheppach products it is solidly made and well thought out. The lathe has four speeds and comes with centres and a drilled... more
John Adams |
Monday, 3rd August 2009
Q is always coming up with high-tech gadgets for 007, and I rather like some of the clever devices that cross my desk, but sometimes it's the really simple things that turn out to be the most impressive. One such item is the Serbian Kotlich & Tripod that we used for our summer solstice supper here at the Sustainability Centre. It consists of... more
Jenny Larby |
Sunday, 1st March 2009
The average UK wedding – with its long-distance guests, elaborate dinner, hothouse flowers and fleet of taxis – has a carbon footprint larger than the average person has for a whole year. It drains fuel and sends vast quantities of waste to landfill. Planet-conscious alternative choices for brides are multiplying rapidly. If you love luxury, a... more
Dr Chris Johnstone |
Friday, 1st September 2006
When confronted with issues like climate change, peak oil or mass starvation, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. How can we find our power to respond to such huge problems? For nearly twenty years, I've been running workshops to help people strengthen their capacity to address the alarming realities of our world. I've trained and worked closely with... more
Maddy Harland |
Tuesday, 1st August 2006
Who are you? Looby Macnamara. I am currently chair of the Permaculture Association (Britain). I run my own business – Spirals of Abundance – fairly trading gifts and organic cotton clothes from Nepal. I also teach permaculture and have a six year old daughter, Shanti. Hence, I lead a productive, interesting and busy life. Where do you live? I live... more
John Adams |
Wednesday, 1st March 2006
I first encountered peg loomed woollen rugs when I slept on one in Ben Law's old caravan. It made for a surprisingly warm and comfortable night's sleep. I was struck by its simplicity, decorative qualities and obvious durability and wished I had one of my own. I asked Ben how they were made and he showed me a simple peg loom in his workshop and... more
David Holmgren |
Thursday, 1st December 2005
Our uncertain energy future has been pictured in various scenarios that range from an absurdly optimistic 'techno-fantasy' (e.g., unlimited nuclear cold fusion with no unfore-seen negative impacts) to an 'Atlantis-like' fate in which our culture 'goes under'. More realistic perhaps are the intermediate third and fourth scenarios. In 'green-tech... more
Merlin Howse |
Wednesday, 1st June 2005
Steward Community Woodland was born five years ago, when a group of us looking to set up a sustainable living and working woodland project bought and moved into Steward Wood on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon. With a need for electrical power but no thoughts of having a connection to the grid, we looked into renewable ways of producing this. Using... more
Maddy Harland |
Wednesday, 1st December 2004
Nine years ago Simon Roberts read about electric vehicles (EVs) in Switzerland and decided he wanted to drive a zero emissions car in London and reduce his environmental impact. After negotiating miles of red tape, a reserved parking bay painted right outside his house and the development of an innovative kerbside charger, this became a genuinely... more
Mark Smith |
Wednesday, 1st September 2004
The polytunnel has almost become a badge of honour for the permaculturist, no self-respecting PC-person would be seen without one. After many years with only a 1.8 x 1.2m (6 x 4ft) greenhouse sited, in a shady part of the garden that was also a frost hollow, the opportunity to have a polytunnel appeared when we moved to our new location. As usual... more