Maddy Harland |
Thursday, 10th June 2010
In our world of rising fuel and food prices prices, practical life skills are becoming increasingly important. One of the best things we can do with our children is to show them how to grow their own food. Even at an early age it is both fun and empowering and they will never forget these important skills nor the time a parent has taken to pass... more
Emma Stoner |
Tuesday, 1st June 2010
On the 1st May a group of people gathered on Parliament Square to occupy the space and demand that 'the war in Afghanistan ends and the troops are brought home with immediate effect'. The peace camp is now running into its 7th week, despite the opposition of the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who is pursuing a court injunction against the... more
John Adams |
Thursday, 29th April 2010
The first power tool I ever bought was a B&D electric drill which came with a free rotary sanding disk attachment. I struggled on for years with this and its successors because it seemed easier than sanding by hand. I suppose it was if you could stand the wrist strain and didn’t mind the swirl marks and occasional gouge in the work piece. Over... more
Dave Seeker |
Thursday, 1st April 2010
When cracks started appearing in the flint walls of his 19th century house, owner Pete Nowall thought there had to be an innovative solution... "Flint houses in this area were traditionally built with no foundations straight on to the chalk," reports Pete Nowall. "In my case the toll of time was ringing in my ears. When I saw cracks appearing that... more
John Adams |
Monday, 1st February 2010
Most of us that own woodworking tools have at some time or another bought a carbide bench grinder, while knowing full well that what we should have bought was a wetstone grinder - but they were too expensive and difficult to source. Scheppach, who supply professional wetstone systems have released the Tiger 2000s Grinder which is made affordable... more
John Adams |
Monday, 1st February 2010
Back in PM51 I reviewed the Owl Monitor. I still have it, and it has proved to be the best energy saving device I have tried. In the meantime energy monitors have evolved and Owl have responded by updating their product with the addition of a memory function. So now it displays (current and historical): electricity (kW), greenhouse gas (CO2), cost... more
Emma Cooper |
Monday, 25th January 2010
Delving into seed catalogues is a great way to pass the time until spring arrives and we can all get back to planting. They have a tendency to arrive all at once, and there are so many of them these days that they can be overwhelming. Personally I pitch all the mainstream catalogues straight into the recycling bin and concentrate on the companies... more
John Adams |
Tuesday, 29th September 2009
I've always hankered after a woodturning lathe but until now lack of space has prohibited it.However the Scheppach DMT450 stands on a tabletop rather than the floor and is therefore much easier to find room for. As with all Scheppach products it is solidly made and well thought out. The lathe has four speeds and comes with centres and a drilled... more
John Adams |
Monday, 3rd August 2009
Q is always coming up with high-tech gadgets for 007, and I rather like some of the clever devices that cross my desk, but sometimes it's the really simple things that turn out to be the most impressive. One such item is the Serbian Kotlich & Tripod that we used for our summer solstice supper here at the Sustainability Centre. It consists of... more
Jenny Larby |
Sunday, 1st March 2009
The average UK wedding – with its long-distance guests, elaborate dinner, hothouse flowers and fleet of taxis – has a carbon footprint larger than the average person has for a whole year. It drains fuel and sends vast quantities of waste to landfill. Planet-conscious alternative choices for brides are multiplying rapidly. If you love luxury, a... more