Maddy Harland |
Tuesday, 1st October 1996
By a beautiful meander of the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders is Tweed Horizons, Centre For Sustainable Technology funded by Scottish Borders Enterprise and the Millennium Commission. The Centre, a converted monastery, is the first of its kind in Britain and was established in 1993 to support a variety of projects in the areas of environmental... more
Patrick Whitefield |
Monday, 1st January 1996
Over the past few years I have developed a style of gardening that suits me well, though it looks a little unconventional. A friend who visited for lunch one day was a bit mystified when, colander in hand, we approached what looked like a jumble of wild plants to pick a salad. In a few moments we had filled the colander with a mix of tasty leaves... more
Maddy Harland |
Monday, 1st January 1996
John started his journey by contacting a number of aid organisations but found that none used sustainable practises. "The Africans need practical teaching to improve their food production, not just money thrown at them by big organisations," he says. This viewpoint led him first to Katale Agricultural College in western Kenya where he got involved... more
Matt Dunwell |
Monday, 1st January 1996
At Ragman's Lane Farm we have roughly 25 head of cattle, 40 ewes, 3 sows and between 25 to 125 chickens. In addition to Jan and myself, three other full time people work on the land - two employed and one self-employed, and a further self-employed blacksmith working from a forge in the farmyard. The long term plan was always to involve more people... more
Elaine Bruce |
Sunday, 1st October 1995
The 'Living Foods Lifestyle' goes a step further than a diet of fresh, organic foods with lots of raw vegetables. It is an approach to a healthy diet that is in natural partnership with many of the principles of permaculture. Living Foods is an integrated lifestyle, adopted in whole or part, by increasing numbers of people in pursuit of better... more