How to Grow More Food in a Small Space
Mark Ridsdill Smith is an experienced urban grower. Here he describes tried and tested ways of vertical, 3D growing for higher yields.
How Women are Restoring Palestinian Food Sovereignty
The Gaza Strip is home to a large cross-section of Palestine’s food system. Rozie Apps speaks to GUPAP, an interactive platform that is uniting and supporting these vital agri-enterprises.
Celebrating 10 Years of People & Permaculture
People & Permaculture is a seminal text that helped to launch and evolve the social permaculture movement. Looby Macnamara shares her story of birthing this important work into the world.
The Increasing Impacts of Light Pollution
David Smith of Buglife looks at the consequences on wildlife, human health and energy consumption.
See the World by Permacycling
Joe Diomede has spent many years travelling the world via bicycle, with every moment connecting him to the natural world and the many people he’s met. But how does this link to permaculture and its three ethics?
Growing Food and Community with One Planet Living
Peni Ediker and Stef Balesi found land, built a house and a business in just five years. Here’s how they did it.
Parks and Recreation – rebugging your world
How can we encourage more insects into our gardens and community spaces? Vicki Hird suggests ways to boost their numbers to create healthy and biodiverse ecosystems.
The Great Adaptation of our Time
Glennie Kindred shares some of her core practices and explores how to shift consciousness and create cascades of change.
The Recycled Pizza Oven
Ness Woodcock-Dennis shares how she's built a pizza oven in her garden.
5 Companion Plants to Grow for More than Company
Tanya Anderson has a beautiful allotment on the Isle of Man where flowers grow side-by-side with edible annuals and perennials. Here are her five favourite companions.
Harvests from a Cool Climate Food Forest
Alan Carter describes some of his favourite crops from his forest garden in Scotland.
The Year-round Solar Greenhouse
Lindsey Schiller explains the seven principles of designing a solar greenhouse and how they create year-round food with a low carbon footprint.
The Forager’s Garden
Anna Locke introduces the Forager’s Garden, a place where gardeners, cooks and Nature converge.
How to make a DIY Hot Tub
Matthew Watkinson explains how to make a cheap DIY wood-fired hot tub in your back garden.
Turning Exhausted Plots into Abundant Farms
Swayyam’s 1000 Tree Project is a rural initiative in South India to increase forest cover, restore biodiversity and ensure food, fodder and livelihood security through regenerative practices.
How to Improve New-Build Gardens
Jennifer Lauruol explains how she uses regenerative permaculture to create wildlife-friendly and attractive havens.
Look Back in Anger
Seasoned campaigner, Jonathon Porritt, highlights the dangers of procrastination and makes an urgent case for climate action.
Transformative Adaptation
Rupert Read presents a new approach to the climate crisis, one that unites practical mitigation with protest.
Collaborative Food
Kate Braithewaite describes how Shift Bristol’s Permaculture Design Course opened the door to a new way of finding access to land and growing food in a group.
Preparing our Children for a Regenerative Future
Alice Irene Whittaker offers six pillars for raising a child in an age of breakdown that nurture connection, courage and confidence.
How to Make Biogas
Matthew Watkinson and his family live on an off-grid ecofarm in West Wales. Their latest step towards self sufficiency has led to a biodigester and their own cooking gas.
Imagine Another World
Arundhati Roy shares how coronavirus has given us all the opportunity to fight for a better world.
The Climate for Corona
Professor Jem Bendell argues that if the impact of COVID-19 is another step in the collapse of modern societies, it is likely it is another climate-driven step.
Redesigning Money for a Doughnut World
John Cant swallows the red pill and dismantles the idea that the economic system is dependent on ‘balancing the books’ and argues that money is conceptually unlimited.