Collaborative Food
Kate Braithewaite describes how Shift Bristol’s Permaculture Design Course opened the door to a new way of finding access to land and growing food in a group.
Preparing our Children for a Regenerative Future
Alice Irene Whittaker offers six pillars for raising a child in an age of breakdown that nurture connection, courage and confidence.
How to Make Biogas
Matthew Watkinson and his family live on an off-grid ecofarm in West Wales. Their latest step towards self sufficiency has led to a biodigester and their own cooking gas.
Imagine Another World
Arundhati Roy shares how coronavirus has given us all the opportunity to fight for a better world.
The Climate for Corona
Professor Jem Bendell argues that if the impact of COVID-19 is another step in the collapse of modern societies, it is likely it is another climate-driven step.
Redesigning Money for a Doughnut World
John Cant swallows the red pill and dismantles the idea that the economic system is dependent on ‘balancing the books’ and argues that money is conceptually unlimited.
Growing Food for Free
A seed and plant swap event is the perfect opportunity to grow food without spending any money, says Huw Richards. Get your local community together and make the most of their spare resources.
Eat the Rainbow
Our vibrant Seed SistAs, Fiona Heckels and Karen Lawton, explain why flowers can be our medicine and encourage us to eat a variety to enhance our mental and physical health.
The Future of Energy Storage
Rozie Apps explores hydrogen cell technology – a fast-emerging alternative to lithium batteries – in an ancient landscape.
The Ecological Gardener
Garden designer, Sid Hill, describes how combining a wildflower meadow with an edible forest garden is a game changer, establishing habitat, biodiversity, beauty and resilience for more extreme climate events.
When Fashion Becomes Activism
Linda Thomas designs stunning clothes from waste materials. She also uses fashion activism to highlight the need for us to stop littering our beautiful planet with plastic.
The Greenest School in the World?
A new eco-built school in Nepal is utilising climate-sensitive technology fit for a changing world – and raising a new generation of Nature protectors. Georgina-Kate Adams shares Part 1 of the story.
Planning a Productive Garden
No Dig expert, Stephanie Hafferty, shares her winter tips and practical seasonal tasks for a fruitful garden and a happy gardener.
Winter in the Vegetable Garden
No Dig master gardener, Charles Dowding, weighs up the pros and cons of mulch vs green manure.
Towards Zero Waste
How do we move ourselves and society towards zero waste using permaculture design principles? Féidhlim Harty takes up the challenge.
Marine Permaculture
Rozie Apps explores the new world of ocean farming and how various techniques are being used to restore large ecosystems.
Natural Capital – the language of oppression?
Ecologist, Miles King, argues that quantifying Nature with a financial value is the wrong way to address the destruction of our natural world.
Can Permaculture Play a Positive Role in International Development?
What is ‘development’? Can it be a force for good? Chris Evans reports.
Bee Roadzz
Transition Marlborough wanted to help save the bees so they started joining up landscapes to connect pollinators and people.
The Shift Effect
Sarah Pugh describes how a permaculture education project has birthed not only new skills and careers but a sense of purpose and hope.
Having Fun with Mexican Polycultures
No dig gardener, Vera Greutink, enjoys growing beautiful and edible polycultures. Here she shares her Mexican inspired planting.
From Desert to Food Forest
Grant Curry set up the Permaculture Provision Project to create fresh food on the Navajo Nation’s Reservation, a vast desert. He wants to inspire others and awaken the US to the need for permaculture. The Permaculture Provision Project is one of the four
Spring Growing Tips
Stephanie Hafferty shares her sowing and growing tips for beetroot and parsnips, as well as sowing times for the spring months.
Walking with Trees – First Stirrings
Glennie Kindred shares how trees can reconnect us to Nature, and help us to become healthier, more empowered and engaged with the world.