DIY Pallet Chair
How to make a comfortable Airondack chair for free from reclaimed timber with John Adams
Community Generation
Mark Laiosa visits Samsø, a Danish island entirely powered by renewable energy
Commonsense Smallholding
Patrick Whitefield visits a permaculture smallholding and finds out how it pays its way
Make A 'Bespoke' Wind Turbine
A step by step guide to building a wind turbine from a bicycle wheel by Beth Tilston and Wil Harley
Tools For Self Reliance
Dom Marsh and his girlfriend Nanda cycled into town and found an unexpected treasure trove
Little Shop Of Wonders
How Ben Law built a community-owned eco-shop in his local village by Maddy Harland
Is Transition working?
Gil Seyfang presents the result of the first UK Transition Movement survey. PM Exclusive
The winter allotment
Plan some practical allotment projects. Paul Wagland offers some useful tips and ideas
Building a zero-carbon country
Donnachadh McCarthy meets Bil Dunster and discovers his visionary yet practical plan for genuinely sustainable buildings
Reconnecting land and people
Why is planning so hard to get for genuine low impact development? Mike Hannis visits projects and explores what needs to change
Sustainable beekeeping
With global honeybee populations plummeting, David Heaf offers a possible solution in the form of the Warré hive
Cycling for sustainability
Juliet Kemp’s useful tips for ditching the car and converting to pedal power for our daily transport
Ethics in permaculture
Maddy Harland writes about how ethics can underpin good design and right action in permaculture
The story of a highly successful community allotment scheme that practically helps people grow and pick their own food
Building a simple wood-fired oven and cooking in it
Urban forager, Chris Southall, shares his outdoor cooking design – build and eat!
National treasure grows organically
Stephanie Boucher visits Sissinghurst Castle and discovers how the estate is relocalising its food supply and embracing sustainable principles on the whole estate
How to have a green wedding
A reader’s guide to having an inexpensive yet chic wedding. Jenny Larby shows us that tying the knot doesn’t have to unravel the planet
Foraging for spring greens
After a long, cold, dark winter, Steve Andrews shares the pleasure of foraging for simple foods in springtime
Planning and planting a container garden
Jackie Kemp describes how to grow food in urban spaces, however small
Two women, an eco-build and a full-time job
How mother and daughter, Jenny and Maggie Pickerill, built an ecohouse together
Wild medicine foraging
Rachel Corby describes common garden and wild plants that have the power to heal acute ailments and save you money
Sharing the journey
Worried about rising fuel prices? Maddy Harland checks out a liftshare scheme that could save you £1,000 a year
Fire escape gardening
PM’s Penny Rose describes her rather vertically challenged urban container garden
Ethical, green shoes
In PM56 Georgina-Kate Adams investigated green clothes. Here she checks out green shoes and the PM team tests them for you