Autumn 2004 (PM 41)
Greening the Valleys
Jenny Lunnon reports on a renewable energy project that is regenerating a community devastated by the collapse of the coal industry
Planning a Polytunnel
How to buy, site and erect a polytunnel. Ever-practical reader, Mark Smith, shares the benefits of his experience
Grow Your Own Building
Alan Cameron-Duff and Annabel Fawcus show that building with cob is easy and great fun. Dip your hands in the mud and have a go!
In Search of Peace and Tranquility
Is relocating in Southern Greece a route to paradise or a road to hell? Linda Vincent tells her story
Planes, Trains and Staying in the Garden
What makes permaculture author and teacher Patrick Whitefield tick? Maddy Harland investigates
Flowforms - the Pulse of Life
Kathleen Askew discovers how Flowforms revitalise water and create beautiful garden features
The Passages of Time
Lucilla Borio describes how a small committed group restored a beautiful Italian mountain village ecologically and found their own green gold
Ireland Gets Funky
How Graham Strouts built his own low impact roundhouse for a song
Simple Stonework
Practical tips from Patrick Whitefield on how to build drystone paths, walls, steps and a simple bridge
How to make Ointments and Facemasks
The art of making medical and cosmetic balms from simple, natural ingredients by Kolbjorn Borseth
Eco-Refurbishment Part 2
Nick Parsons explains the truth about u-values and how to insulate your home and keep heat where you want it