Autumn 2005 (PM 45)
Creating an Eco-Community
Robert Alcock describes how residents are redesigning a crumbling urban settlement into a very special ecological community
The Edible Garden Pond
It's possible to grow tasty treats from even the smallest garden pond. Paul Wagland explores the world of edible aquatic plants
Losing the Plot
Andy Waternman tells the story of a spirited fight to save an important urban allotment site and wildlife refuge from destruction
View from the Green Room
When Rob Hopkin's permaculture students decided to build an eco-theatre, they created a dramatic community space
The Great Turning: an interview with Joanna Macy
Maddy Harland meets social and ecological activist and deep ecologist, Joanna Macy, on one of her rare visits to the UK
Life After Oil
How one community in Ireland set about designing a prosperous way down from the Peak, with Rob Hopkins
From Dust to Dawn
Tree planting really can change the climate. Raven LeFay explains how a barren landscape has become a vibrant and bountiful eco-city surrounded by many thousands of trees
The Forest Garden
Here is the best example of a temperate forest garden that nurseryman, Ian Sturrock, has ever seen... and a few he's not so keen on
Lessons From the Edge
Jonathan Evelight describes a place where traditional ways are still alive and can provide a stepping stone into the future
As Seen on TV
Sustainability and permaculture are on the agenda in the British media. Tony Rollinson finds out how we can influence the debate
10 Steps to Making Better Decisions
A well-tested method for successful concensus decision-making by experienced facilitator, Beatrice Briggs