Autumn 2007 (PM 53)
The drive towards peak oil
Rob Hopkins introduces us to the Transition Movement, in which local people are working to wean towns, cities, even regions, off fossil fuels, and planning sustainable communities
The Rebel Farmer, Part I
Leila Dregger introduces Sepp Holzer, pioneering permaculture farmer, who pushes the boundaries of climate and culture to create abundant landscapes
Want to change the world?
PM suggests... Step One: Inspire and engage your community and start your own film club
Stove of your dreams
Steve James explains how to turn unused paving slabs into a beautiful fast-burn, efficient masonry stove that costs very little!
Gardening from zero
Robert Alcock describes how he made a dockside urban container garden out of scrap and also shares his DIY tyre planter secrets with us
After the Tsunami, the permaculture
Stuart Coles describes an inspiring field school that is helping to heal lives ravaged by the Tsunami and turns guerilla soldiers into gardeners and community workers
Permaculture people
Introducing Sarah Pugh who is part of the team which is working to transform Bristol in Britain’s first low carbon Transition City
Rooftop oasis revisited
Emma Cooper revisits a magnificent roof garden in the middle of a city and discovers a thriving edible haven for children and adults
The return of the native
Mary Lewis reports on the resurgence of traditional woodland skills and the return of the ‘woodsman’, both male and female
The pee in permaculture
How to use this abundant natural resource full of minerals and conserve water in your garden by Alanna Moore
Lessons from a brittle landscape
With the world turning to desert at the rate of 400,000 acres a day, how we cultivate dry and brittle landscapes is ever more essential. Aspen Edge shares experiences from Spain