Autumn 2009 (PM 61)
My kitchen garden
Emma Cooper describes the summertime flourishings of her prolific urban patch
Reconnecting land and people
Why is planning so hard to get for genuine low impact development? Mike Hannis visits projects and explores what needs to change
Sustainable beekeeping
With global honeybee populations plummeting, David Heaf offers a possible solution in the form of the Warré hive
Cycling for sustainability
Juliet Kemp’s useful tips for ditching the car and converting to pedal power for our daily transport
A stitch in time
How climate change and peak oil has inspired John-Paul Flintoff to shun the fashion industry and make and mend his own clothes
Permaculture principles
Maddy Harland takes a fresh look at the principles that underpin permaculture design
Creating harmony
Michiyo Furuhashi introduces a Japanese ecovillage that is almost entirely self-sufficient and is teaching sustainable agriculture to its neighbours
The art of reading the landscape
Understanding landscape is not only fun, it is a vital way of understanding sustainability and reconnecting with the Earth. Patrick Whitefield explains why
A new woodsman's tale
How PM made Ian Varley’s mid-life crisis definitely worth having, enabling him to live his dream and make a living working with wood
Champion the lumber horse
Mike Abbott describes how to make a modern, efficient shaving horse from mainly scrap materials in just a couple of hours
Les porcs in permaculture
How to be happy keeping pigs in permaculture. Stuart & Gabrielle Anderson share their experience of raising pigs on their smallholding in France
Catch 'n' store water
With climate change threatening drought as well as flood, Daniel Halsey explains how to design resilience into your orchard or farm