Autumn 2010 (PM 65)
Transition Trees
Ben Law on roundwood timber framing and the importance of planting the right tree species for use in a post oil future
Perennial Vegetables
Perennial vegetables are worth cultivating and keeping - Patrick Whitefield identifies his favourites
Useful Trees in Public Spaces
Wade Muggleton on reinvigorating the culture of the commons
From Basement to Banquet
A magical story of good fortune and ethical enterprise, told by Imogen Oxley
Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
Patrick Whitefield explains why modest local meat consumption is the key to sustainable agriculture
Earth Restoration
In what way does humanity have the power to heal the earth and effect meaningful change in the world? Alan Watson Featherstone explains
Can You Grow Happiness?
Chris Johnstone thinks so. Here he describes seven strategies for cultivating good mood
Saving Seed & Preserving Culture
Lidia Montemurri visits the Basudh research station in north eastern India
Art & Permaculture
Do the artist and the permaculturalist share the same vision? Adam Wolpert explores the two perspectives
Small Farm Permaculture
Chris Smaje describes the design of his permaculture holding and explores how farms may look in a post oil future
Twist and Twang
How to make useful structures using roundwood, polypipe and tensegrity building techniques, by Steve James
A Benign Extravagance
Simon Fairlie opens the debate about food localisation in a transition culture, and discusses its wider implications
Making Ceremony, Creating Community
Jackie Singer extols the importance of ceremonial gathering