Autumn 2011 (PM 69)
The Power of International Law to Create the New World
Maddy Harland meets Polly Higgins a barrister who is campaigning for the United Nations to adopt an additional crime against peace: Ecocide
Growing With Grace
Annie Neligan describes how an innovative community growing project is reinventing itself to survive the harsh economic climate
How Britain Can Feed Itself
Craig Embleton investigates how much organic food could be produced in UK gardens and the environmental benefits that this would bring
The Percentage Game
Wade Muggleton explains how a permaculture lifestyle is more about being self reliant than trying to be self sufficient
Choosing and Installing a Polytunnel Step By Step
Carl Legge looks at choosing a polytunnel and gives some construction tips and tricks
How to Build Roundwood Shelters and Earth Cellars
Sepp Holzer describes how he builds round-wood earth structures for animal shelters and food storage
Low Impact Luxury
Steve James tells us how he built his beautiful off-grid ecohome
How to get Planning Permission on Non Development Land
Chrisse Sugden investigates the opportunities for permaculturists and transitioners to live on the land
Regenerative Forestry
Darren J Doherty describes a farm-scale permaculture design that has blossomed into a wildlife reserve as well as an economically viable business
Backupshifting Into the Mainstream
Celia Compton tells us why her family are returning from an intentional community on a Scottish island, to a house in the Tyne Valley
Old Technology, New Life
Pete Bampton tells us the whys and wherefores of installing a hydraulic ram pump
People and Permaculture
Many of us seek to answer the question of where we should be placing our efforts so that we can ‘make a difference’ on a real tangible level in society, writes Nicole Vosper
34 Uses for Garlic
Rachel Corby describes how versatile garlic is in the kitchen, as a medicine, as part of a beauty regime and in the garden
Commonsense Permaculture in Aid Projects
How a permaculture approach makes aid work, where often it doesn’t by Rick Coleman