autumn 2012 (PM 73)
Incan Agriculture Revisited
Matthew Seal and Julie Bruton-Seal take an excursion into the ancient Andean agriculture of the Incas.
Permanent Horticulture
Deano Martin experiments with John Jeavons’ biointensive growing methods and other aspects of permanent horticulture.
Making a Solar Food Dryer
John Adams describes how he made a solar food dehydrator and how it performed in a less than typical British summer.
Nurture and Nature
Lusi Alderslowe wanted her son to learn from nature so she set up her own Earth Education group. She explains how and why!
Treating Waste Water Naturally
Maddy Harland looks at the positive benefits of an ecological waste treatment system installed at the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire.
River of Flowers
Sophie Housley describes how a social enterprise is creating urban wild flower corridors to help rescue our declining bee population.
How to Survey a Site
Whether it is a plot of land, a business, or social enterprise, Aranya describes the critical process of surveying to produce an effective design.
Biomatrix Water
Lisa Shaw and Galen Fulford describe how they transform polluted waterways into lush water-front parkways using biomimicry.
How to Make a Pallet Shed
Urban dweller Liz Darley describes how she and her partner made a garden greenhouse/shed from waste materials.
Cultivating Communication Skills
Looby Macnamara offers some simple yet effective principles to help us become better communicators and listeners.
Multi-Functional Hedges
Tim Green applies permaculture thinking to hedgelaying and comes up with a stock proof, multi-functional design.
Permaculture in Panama
Joanna and Franck Marion visit Panama’s permaculture pioneer, John Douglas, and learn the art of ‘lazy’ farming.
Peak Oil Transport
John Owen describes his six years living and travelling on the road and explains why this lifestyle is so very permacultural.