Autumn 2013 (PM 77)
Locking Up Carbon
Albert Bates explores the most effective way to stabilise the global climate.
Natural Farming
Joan Bailey visits a farm in Japan that is following in the footsteps of Fukuoka.
Five Awesome Transition Ideas
We picked five inspiring, ideas from Rob Hopkins’ new book, The Power of Just Doing It
Pigs in Plastic
Stuart Anderson describes how he used recycled plastic to build a durable pig ark
Grow Your Own Energy Countrywide
Eoin Craven reports on Austria’s energy revolution which has created energy security, employment and reduced CO2.
The Art of Spoon Carving
Rozie Apps visits her local sweet chestnut coppice and discovers the delights of carving her own spoons.
Wade Muggleton exorts us all to become cider drinkers.
Permaculture Science?
Chris Warburton Brown suggests seven key criteria to develop permaculture as a science.
Rewilding Children
Charlotte Dean explains how tackling nature deficit disorder in young children helps them to develop empathy and ethics.
Eco-Logical Farming
Patrick Whitefield visits a farm which is being designed to work like a natural ecosystem.
Garden Remedies
Stephanie Hafferty, explains how to make a variety of garden preparations to feed plants, prevent and treat disease, deter unwanted insects and other animals.
A Ray of Light in South Africa
Lili Zandpour explains how permaculture has become a powerful tool to uplift communities and facilitate self-reliance.
Mini Forest Garden Greenhouse
Maddy Harland describes how she uses every available space to grow a variety of crops in a small greenhouse.
Restoring a Traditional Ecosystem
John Lewis visits family in the Algarve and sees how a derelict smallholding has been transformed with permaculture.