Autumn 2015 (PM 85)
The Great Work of Our Time...
Award winning filmmaker, John D. Liu, describes how earth restoration can help us grow a collective consciousness that will ensure our future.
The Oldest Forest Garden in Britain
Graham Bell explains the different layers of his temperate food forest and how these create abundant harvests.
Alleviating Poverty With Permaculture
Warren Draper explains how permaculture can tackle poverty and proposes a way of acquiring the necessary skills for free.
Permaculture and Politics
Mark Boyle explores how the permaculture movement can learn to read the political landscape – and why it needs rewilding.
The Art of Deep Listening
Helen Iles explains how applying Aboriginal ‘deep listening’ could help us all to reconnect.
Rozie Apps discovers how permablitz brings edible, decorative and wildlife friendly gardens to homes and community spaces.
Growing Resilience
Katherine May and Nanni Concu share how they developed a non-monetary, co-operative farming economy that feeds them all year.
Design For Humanity
Stuart Muir Wilson explains how the ethics and principles of his grandfather, Bill Mollison, have shaped his life and work.
What is Permaculture?
Part 4, Maddy Harland gives examples of the ways permaculture principles can be applied.
Planting a Woodland
Julian Evans shares the basics of planting trees: where to plant, sourcing and species choice.
Children and Trees
Andreas Kornevall explains why children can bring happiness to us – whilst planting trees.
Working With Drones
Mike Hutchinson meets Smilyan Pavlov and finds out how drones can be of use to smallscale farmers and permaculturists.
Perennial Cropping
explores the viability of growing perennials rather than fertiliser-hungry annuals.
The Wildflower Meadow
Richard Webb explains how he turned a lawn into a beautiful, biodiverse meadow.