Autumn 2017 (PM 93)
The Healing Garden
During a period of personal transition, Maddy Harland found solace and friendship designing and making a small ornamental cottage garden with a large pond.
What Keeps Visionaries Going?
What makes a person a lifelong activist, someone who is able to sail against the wind for decades? Maddy Harland asked two very different visionaries.
The Art of Dying Creatively
Katie Shepherd thinks how we die is vitally important and should not be pushed under the carpet but well designed, permaculturally of course.
Regenerating Urban Communities
The May Project in Morden, London, uses lessons in permaculture, gardening, natural building and hip hop to empower and engage local people. Rozie Apps reports.
Building Resilience to Climate Change
Mali is in the heart of West Africa and is vulnerable to drought, floods and climate change. Caroline Hart and Anna Baness describe how tree planting and other regenerative strategies have helped local people to survive.
Designing a Permaculture Plot
Gardener, Vera Greutink, describes how she designed and implemented a permaculture plot larger than her small back yard and how she made her plant choices.
The Fossil Fuel Free Farm
Living Energy Farm has been working towards being 100% renewable since 2010. Simon Hursthouse asked founder Alexis Zeiger about their affordable and replicable living technologies.
Synergy in Ibiza
Chris Drews describes how he created an educational centre that is regenerating a dryland landscape and runs community events all over Ibiza.
How To Fund a Successful Build
Geoff and Fuggo King explain how they financed their upcycled workshop from their wider community.
Hardy Productive Trees
Now is the best time to research and plan your winter tree plantings. Martin Crawford shares four hardy productive trees for any permaculture garden, smallholding or orchard.
The Drawdown Project
A Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Climate Change
Making Your Dreams Come True With Dragon Dreaming
John Croft explains how we can transform our individual dreams, plans and celebrations into reality by working together.