Autumn 2018 (PM 97)
The No Dig Palace Garden
Vicky Cooke describes a no dig garden on a palatial scale – the regeneration of Hampton Court Palace’s 17th century walled fruit and vegetable gardens.
Strawbale Building for Beginners
Felicity Lee and Dan Coleman took on a self-build in France with no prior experience. Would they succeed?
The Alchemy of Making Balms
Karen Lawton shares how to make an ‘Ache Ease’ balm from locally grown plants.
The Floating Food Forest
Rozie Apps explains how New York’s edible forest garden on a barge is combating food deserts and changing local law.
Common Lands
Cooperation is proving a resilient and powerful remedy to market failure and austerity across the UK. As a result, the concept of the commons is gaining traction once again.
Sustainable Livelihoods with Permaculture Values
How Kinsale College of Further Education in Ireland is homing in on business.
One Planet Development
Phil Moore and Lauren Simpson explain how Welsh planning policy is pioneering permaculture ethics and principles to give the next generation access to land and livelihoods.
The Virtual Permaculture Office
In the very challenging world of small enterprise, Permanent Publications co-founder, Maddy Harland, describes how new technology and flexible working can help us creatively adapt to change.
Cultivating the Edge
Can marginal spaces encourage biodiversity, food justice and a sense of place, and how does this relate to permaculture? Ollie Cem tells the story of a guerrilla garden in Totnes.
Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services
Richard Webb gives a counter argument to George Monbiot’s review of natural capital.
Permaculture Woodlands
Vikki Mill learnt woodland management from Ben Law. She describes her journey to her own Welsh woodland.
DIY Biofertilisers for the Farm
Chris Evans discovers how James Aitchinson weaned his organic cider apple farm off oil based fertilisers.
Women Who Share the Harvest
Trina Moyles celebrates the stories of women farmers who practice permaculture around the world.