Autumn 2019 (PM 101)
Low Impact, Off Grid Permaculture
Pat Bowcock tells the story of how her smallholding has evolved over 20 years with the help and support of family and community.
Marine Permaculture
Rozie Apps explores the new world of ocean farming and how various techniques are being used to restore large ecosystems.
Natural Capital – the language of oppression?
Ecologist, Miles King, argues that quantifying Nature with a financial value is the wrong way to address the destruction of our natural world.
Can Permaculture Play a Positive Role in International Development?
What is ‘development’? Can it be a force for good? Chris Evans reports.
Changing Lives in Ugandan Refugee Settlements
Steve Jones describes a pioneering training project in South Sudan where one million refugees have gathered, providing transformative, practical skills and knowledge.
Growing Winter Salads
Charles Dowding and Stephanie Hafferty share how to grow salad leaves through autumn and winter.
DIY Cow Poo Wall Render
Cow pats are full of water-resistant enzymes. Tom Keeling describes how this traditional resource can be used to make an effective render on a cob home.
Regenerating Agriculture, Regenerating Communities
Tracy L. Barnett visits Vía Orgánica and discovers how the ranch has transformed damaged lands and is now working with the Ecosystem Restoration Camps movement to extend the work into neighboring farms.
Salt Air, Shelter and Seaweed
Anthony Harris describes an evolving permaculture project on a small, magical island in the Atlantic and the challenges of growing in a wild climate.
Growing Resilience Inside Ourselves
Chris Johnstone introduces a design framework for building inner resilience at a time of climate crisis.
Why Permaculture is So Much More than Gardening!
Though the garden is the backdrop, Simon Lacey explains how permaculture adds a new dimension to horticultural therapy.
Creating Resilient Soil With Microbes
Rozie Apps explores how Ballagh Micro Farm in Devon is bringing Korean Natural Farming to the UK, where beneficial microbes are being used to create healthy soil through powerful natural fertilisers.
Back to the Future with the Green New Deal
Jay Abrahams time travels to the future and reviews the fruits of the Green New Deal.
Medina Tenour Whiteman visits La Loma Viva, a pioneering farm on the Mediterranean coast.