Spring 2005 (PM 43)
A Cob Retreat
How Michael Buck combined art, foraging and eco-building to create a magical space in his garden for tales, ritual and celebration
Love at First Sight
In just one year, Helen Anderson transformed a weedy allotment into a permaculture paradise, attracting abundant wildlife and her neighbours’ admiration
Camphill's Bright Future
Camphill’s villages are communities which offer homes and wholesome work to people with special needs. Jan Martin Bang describes life in a Norwegian village
Chillies in Britain
Joy and Michael Michaud run a small, successful mail order business selling homegrown chillies. Maddy Harland finds out how they run their niche enterprise
How to Build a Geodesic Dome
How to build this simple structure in clear, easy to follow steps by Geoff Forrest
A Positive Planning Experience!
Ele and Anthony Waters tell us how they got permission to live in their own woodland
Planet of Peace or Planet of War?
How a Portuguese ecovillage is working towards building an ecologically designed peace village in the Middle East
Local Apples for Local Climates
The wide ranging joys of local apples and how to grow your own from pips by Richard Bambrey
Apple of the Dragon's Eye
The fabulous tale of how Ian Sturrock visited Bardsey Island in Wales and discovered an apple tree hailed as ‘the rarest in the world’
Converting an Old Caravan into an Eco Home
Martin and Star Khechara talk us through the practicalities of converting an old caravan into a comfortable, colourful place to live
A Mountain of Opportunities
Hans Carlier describes the wealth of indigenous wisdom held by mountain people in places like Kenya, Peru, Ecuador and Nepal