Spring 2006 (PM 47)
The Art of Slow Gardening
Graham Burnett compares TV makeover gardens to permaculture design
How to Lay an Earthen Floor
Learn the art of making beautiful earthen floors, the natural alternative to concrete, with Adam Weismann and Katy Bryce
Zones 4 U
Ru Litherland explores the many ways we can graze the urban jungle for food and resources
The Permaculture of Pensions
A creative look at how pensions of the future could ignore the FTSE 100 and invest in the community, with Jonathon Dawson
Walking Your Talk
Rebecca Laughton examines the challenges of balancing your ecological principles with hard work and personal health
A Bedtime Story
Learn how to make an organic wool duvet that will last for life with Stuart Anderson
Another Bedtime Story
Our very own John Adams explains how a simple rag rug technique can be adapted to make wonderful rugs and underblankets
A Seed of Hope in a Civil War
In war torn Colombia a peace village is being born with permaculture design. It may save many lives. Leila Dregger explains
Yes, it is Rocket Science!
Jeremy Roth shares 25 years of practical research into building smokeless wood-fuelled cookers for use the world over
A Very Private Garden
Visit a secret garden in warm and windy Scotland on Holy Island with Alec and Dolkar
Are Ecovillages a Solution to the Coming Energy Famine
With Peak Oil on the near horizon, Jonathan Dawson provides valuable critical analysis
Aztek Terraces
Max Lindegger finds traces of an ancient civilisation that is being revived in Mexico
The Crash
Patrick Whitefield reflects on climate change, galloping consumerism and the value of permaculture