Spring 2007 (PM 51)
Harmony in the city
Liz Astle introduces us to an inner city project where people are happy and thriving
DIY rainwater harvesting
How to convert your downstairs toilet from mains water to a rainwater flushing system, by Klaus Muecher Erskine
Raised vegetable gardening
Part Two of Patrick Whitefield ’s article explaining how to design and make a very productive system for food growing
Eco-retrofitting in the city
Jenny Lunnon visits Dr Averil Stedeford’s award winning eco-renovated city house
A passion for the wild
How Marc Carlton transformed his garden into a beautiful haven for wildlife in the city
How to make a house for solitary bees
Marc Carlton shows you how to encourage useful pollinators into our gardens with this simple DIY project
Post oil and permaculture
Author and visionary, Richard Heinberg , speaks to Rob Hopkins about permaculture’s role in creating a post fossil fuel society
Permaculture people
How author, Glennie Kindred, and her family have greened their lives
Cutting the carbs
Rebecca Johns compares family life in town and country and makes a big move
Stone age science
Dylan Keating explores the global implications of rock dust and explains why applying it in our gardens can transform our crops
Fighting fuel poverty with fairness
An energy supplier with a conscience? Maddy Harland investigates
Planning a woodland
Chris Smaje describes how he and his family planned and planted a small woodland in their out-of-town field
A green roof
Inspired by an article by Maddy Harland in PM37, Klaudia van Gool describes how she made a simple and inexpensive green roof