Spring 2008 (PM 55)
The road to zero carbon Britain
Paul Allen explains the urgent case for national and international action on climate change and presents a coherent national plan for Britain
Turning down the heat
After Paul Allen’s article, Patrick Whitefield looks at practical actions we can take as individuals to reduce global warming
Spread the permaculture world
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Notes from a small garden, part I
Small garden, big permaculture ideas?! Wade Muggleton shows you how to create an inexpensive edible Eden
On a learning curve
Newcomers to permaculture, Jennifer & Micheál Tuite, describe two simple low cost garden projects to help create a happy space to relax in when the sun shines
Unsung hero
Cork may not be the height of fashion but Jenny Lunnon explains why it is such a sustainable building material
Tales from the copse
Ben Law describes the timeless art of coppicing and gives tips on his most useful and favourite woodland tools
Permaculture people
Woodlanders, Ele & Anthony Waters, describe how a series of meetings with permaculturists gave them the courage to live their dreams
Power from the people
How political will and entrepreneurial spirit can transform a country’s capacity to generate renewable electricity, by Anna Blackaby
Farm for the future
Permaculture student, Jude Dunn, visits a successful small farm where nature takes the lead with stunning results
Thermal mass heaters
With the end of cheap oil upon us, Bert Bruins introduces the most efficient and cleanest of woodburners – the kacheloven
Urban adventuring
How to discover the fascinating treasures hidden in our urban landscapes on two wheels, with Marcus James Whitehead